Full Penetration Welds

High strength full penetration welds along with proper wall selection and application review result in years of service for a major alloy manufacturing facility.

fpw_polypropylene_majoralloyIn 1995, a project engineer from a major alloy manufacturing facility purchased a tank from Plastek Werks. The tank’s purpose was to contain aggressive “pickling” solutions for cleaning and etching alloy profiles (rods, bars, tubing) after manufacturing. Recently, the same project engineer contacted Plastek Werks and expressed his satisfaction with the purchase.

The project engineer was amazed that the tank lasted so much longer than other tanks purchased from other fabricators to be used in their production operation. Plastek Werks assured the engineer that the full penetration welding procedure, which is a standard weld at Plastek Werks, was the main reason the tanks have lasted for so long.

High strength welds along with proper wall selection and application review (i.e., temperatures, chemical concentrations) result in product longevity. Since the tank performed so well, and as a preventative maintenance measure, the company has purchased another tank (1.5’ wide X 34’ long X 2.5’ deep).

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