Credentials, Testing and Certifications

With over 20 years of experience, Plastek Werks has proved that long-term weld performance improves dramatically when welders performing plastic welding procedures have been trained, tested and certified using proven test procedures. Because of this, we hold our welders to the highest industry standards. Plastek Werks welders have the advanced training needed and our history of success proves it.

An Investment in Quality

We invest in our welders’ training, which in turn protects your investment in thermoplastics. Routine testing is performed on individual welders to ensure each welder meets ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials), DVS (German Welding Society), and any applicable AWS (American Welding Society) requirements regarding plastic weld evaluation. Our welders perform according to the following certifications, training, and standards, which are among the highest in the industry.

  • In-house routine testing to meet ASTM standards
  • DVS Certifications
  • AWS and ANSI
  • Routine Technician Weld Testing to DVS, ASTM C1147, and AWS B2.4
  • Confined Space Entry Qualified
  • Numerous Manufacturer Certifications
  • OSHA Ratings to Meet Stringent Requirements
  • In-House Weld Inspections (MTS 810 Tensile Tester)

Plastek Werks welding staff’s credentials are the core of our professional plastic welding program. Currently, our staff is comprised of:

  • 2 Senior Plastic Welding Educators
  • 2 Senior Plastic Welding Inspectors
  • 2 Associate Plastic Welding Educators
  • 4 Associate Plastic Welding Inspectors
  • 1 Associate Plastic Welding Educator
  • 4 DVS Certified Plastic Welders
  • Numerous Company Certified Plastic Welders