Plastic Welding

As the Plastic Welding Experts, Plastek Werks is recognized worldwide for our workmanship and weld integrity. We qualify all welders to AWS B2.4 2006 criteria. Additionally, we can provide plastic welding services in-house or on-site. Our thoroughly trained and continuously tested staff possess following plastic welding capabilities:

  • hot gas rod welding
  • extrusion welding
  • butt welding
  • electro fusion
  • solvent cement welding
  • adhesive bonding
Polypropylene LDPE ETFE (Tefzel)
HDPE Corzan Delrin
CPVC FEP (Teflon)
Urethane PVDF (Kynar)

Plastek Werks, Inc. has an excellent history of success when it comes to our products and services. As the plastic welding experts, we know our plastic welds will exceed all of your expectations. Read about some of our success stories in our Case History Library.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Unlike most plastic welding fabricators, Plastek Werks plastic welding experts specialize in full penetration welds. Full penetration welds differ from others because the weld penetrates the entire thickness of the parent materials. Because these welds require a thoroughly trained staff and much more time, most shops do not perform full penetration welds.
  • Plastek Werks goes the extra step, which is what sets us apart from the rest. With no weld failures in our history, Plastek Werks takes pride in our quality full penetration welds because they offer optimum weld strength for environments where leak-proof containment is essential.