Plastek Werks is the first to weld sizeable Delrin components.

Plastek Werks succeeded in a manufacturer’s quest to curb excessive waste of raw materials and reduce labor costs involved in creating superior Delrin plastic components used in their manufacturing process.

For years, this large consumer products manufacturer bought large round bars of Delrin (acetal homopolymer) and, over a period of days, cored and machined the bars to create the desired end product. In addition to investigating alloy materials and ceramic coatings, they hired Plastek Werks to suggest an alternative method using Delrin to create the same quality product in a more efficient manner.

Plastek Werks used butt welds to create 20” diameter by 48” tubes using sheet stock material instead of the 18” cast bar stock. Historically, Delrin had never been welded in a part this large, but Plastek Werks was confident in the potential to do so successfully. The Plastek Werks high tensile strength butt weld with no filler tested at a minimum to within 99.48 percent of the parent material. Post welding machining of the part produced a surface finish on which the original weld was undetectable.

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